G.S. National Public School

“Arise! Awake! and stop not until the goal is reached.” – Swami Vivekananda

"Discipline,Quality And Value Education Is Our Motto"

CBSE Affiliated English Medium Co-Educational School
               Bridgmanganj, Kolhui Road, Maharajganj (U.P)


The G.S National Public School , Bridgmanganj, Maharajganj is governed by the registered society of Kaushik Shiksha Avam Sewa Samiti.

The Institute is highly inspirated by 315-Pharenda Vidhan Sabha MLA. honourable Shri Bajrang Bahadur Singh .

The main focus is to provide quality education as per present demand of people for their kids & young generation of villages and town areas.
Our MISSION is: “We aspire to walk our learners down the road which leads them to develop, a thirst for knowledge such that its discovery leads to the enrichment of life for them as individuals and the community at large.”
It is through this mission that we wish to realize our VISION….. that of moulding our students into

Academically competent persons

Individuals with exemplary behavior

Inquirers and investigators

Responsible national and global citizens

Exhibitors of social and environmental goodwill

Individual with empathy towards one and all